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Interesting stuff from the Chronicle…

By October 15, 2009No Comments

Nice to see K is still jokey after all these years, he alludes to a possible starting 5, but it’s still too early to tell. Here’s the link from the Chronicle.

Some passages of note:

  • Krzyzewski said that transfer Seth Curry looked “really good” during practice, and even joked that he was trying to “pull an Andre [Dawkins]” to get Curry eligible this season (transfers must sit out a year before playing for their new school according to NCAA rules unless a special waiver is obtained).

  • If the season were to start now, Krzyzewski said the starters would be Jon Scheyer, Nolan Smith, Kyle Singler, and both Mason and Miles Plumlee.  Krzyzewski did say, though, that Lance Thomas would play essentially as a sixth starter, and mentioned that freshman Andre Dawkins would be the first guard off the bench.

  • Because of illness, freshman Ryan Kelly lost a significant amount of weight over the summer, and for that reason Krzyzewski said Kelly played mainly on the perimeter during preseason practice.  Now, though, Kelly has regained that weight and has started to practice more on the interior as well.

  • Krzyzewski also praised Smith for his improved work ethic over the summer, and expects the junior’s performance to improve greatly this season.

  • Finally, Krzyzewski asked students to be harsher on the referees at home this season, adding that he doesn’t think his star players, like Scheyer or Singler, ever commit a foul, especially in Cameron.