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Duke Blasted by Virginia Tech 89-75; Kennard Scores 34

By December 31, 2016No Comments

Duke went into Blacksburg with more questions than answers and it showed. Duke arrived with a ton of talent but left with a double-digit loss 89-75. Virginia Tech played like a team that was hungry while Duke looked like a team that just met each other at the tip. Duke was ineffective in every phase of the game and completely shook in a true road environment. Yes there are a lot of factors at play as to why Duke looked as bad as they looked but in the end it was a team that didn’t play well. That looked lethargic and for the most part uninterested. I’m sure that isn’t the case but the team on the floor played with a minute about of fight and a defense that looked more like a matador designed it.

We know the situation with the Blue Devils and their lack of continuity this season. Its been a season of trying to deal with injuries, and guys working their way back and then to add to that a suspension of Grayson Allen. It was a perfect storm for Duke and credit to Virginia Tech for playing a near flawless game. Tech won this game in the first ten minutes and really never looked back. Duke had neither the fight, the hustle or the ability to keep up.

There are a lot of things that are clear for Duke in this game. There is indeed a point guard issue. Duke had no ability to run offense effectively nor could it defend the perimeter. Coupled with that lack of point guard play was a complete lack of inside play. Duke had nothing inside – no matter who Duke put in the middle the result was ineffective. Duke had 2 players in double figures, with Luke Kennard scoring 34 and Jayson Tatum scoring 18.

Duke gave up 89 points to Virginia Tech and allowed 6 double figure scorers in the game. Defensively it will be back to the drawing board for the Devils who left with just as many questions as it arrived with.

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