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Duke Falls to Wisconsin 73-69

By December 2, 20097 Comments

More in a bit, Duke as usual not getting the points from the forward spot, 0 from Lance Thomas, and only 6 from the Plumlees combined. 0 from Brian Zoubek, it will continue to be their undoing if it isn’t addressed.

The other glaring stat is the turnover battle, Duke with 11, WI only 4.


  • drjman says:

    Wisconsin really took it to us though. They were very good, and sometimes we have to admit: they just played out of their minds. It’s what to expect when you are the hunted night in and night out. The young fellas need to get used to it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pissed, but Wiscky had a great game plan and executed it to perfection. What else can we say? It’s early, thank goodness.

  • drjman says:

    And yet, we had a chance at the end.

  • dukeblogger says:

    And yet, we had a chance at the end.

  • robertrscott says:

    @dukeblogger scheyer and nolan were outplayed. Hughs is good, but not THAT good.

  • Hackey says:

    I agree with drjman about Wisconsin taking it to us and playing out of our their minds but the come back was nice and Dawkins is money. We need to exploit him more earlier in the game. There are a lot of lessons from this game – too much 1 on 1 play (hence the lack of assists) and trying to drive to the basket hoping for a whistle isn’t going to work on the road. It was nice to Singler’s offense but K has to find away to give him a rest for a few minutes. Scheyer had a tough game and he’ll bounce back against St. Johns. Go Devils!

  • Smokey says:

    Where was Ryan Kelley we could have at least put him in a d try to generate points inside and he is smart enough to get the other big men the ball. I think dawkins needs to inserted into the starting lineup and when plumlee gets healthy we will be fine

  • admin says:

    I dont think kelly would have helped much, I think he’s too wirey and probably would have just gotten pushed around.

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