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More on Duke WI

By December 3, 2009May 9th, 2014No Comments

More on the Duke loss to the Badgers… in my own opinion of course.

*While I appreciate what our bigs are bringing into the game, be it rebounding, defense, it cannot be said that they brought that against WI. Brian Zoubek only had 4, while Lance Thomas had 2. It’s a bit more understandable for Zoubek as he only played 9 minutes, but Thomas played 22. Duke depends on those rebounds and kick outs, but if they aren’t getting them, then missed shots might as well be turnovers. With jumpshots being our only means of scoring, it’s going to be a very tough season. I know we are used to seeing the 3 ball go in the bucket, and its pretty but if Duke isn’t going to get scoring down low then get used to seeing us dominated by big tough teams. At some point it’s time to man up and use the size, finesse does not win games.

*We are really in need of another guard, obviously this isn’t going to happen this year but Trevon Hughes just erased Jon Scheyer in this game, that doesn’t happen too often but it was glaring. The Duke defense was bad, the offense struggled, wasn’t crisp, seemed too frenetic and as they do to most teams WI out patienced Duke (I know its not a word).

Hopefully getting Plumlee(2) back into the mix can help things a long. On a positive note, Andre Dawkins is a man, played a mans game and put Duke on his back and brought the game back into contention. He’s going to turn out to be Dukes best shooter and he is going to be fun to watch.

Kyle Singler, F4010-171-47-7163113328
Lance Thomas, F220-20-00-012001120
Miles Plumlee, F213-30-00-116101226
Nolan Smith, G375-171-22-2252002313
Jon Scheyer, G392-70-36-6034101110
Mason Plumlee, F100-10-10-012000130
Andre Dawkins, G224-44-40-0140000012
Brian Zoubek, C90-20-00-014100140
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