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Duke Wins 80-71

By December 5, 2009No Comments

They say sometimes a loss is a win, but can a win be a loss?? Sure Duke won this game but it was ugly, and it didn’t need to be. Defensively this was one of the worst performances I have seen.  The lane was a free for all, teams should not be getting dunk after dunk in Cameron unless they are the home team. I saw breakdown after breakdown in this game. Winning hides a lot from most people but I’m sure the coaching staff is flustered and uneasy about this team at this point in the season.

Just a really poor showing in my opinion, dumb mistakes, bad fouls, sloppy play. Duke did get points from the bigs, with 11 each from Zoubek and Thomas, but the defense was horrid. Not sure I have ever seen so many open layups and dunks from a visiting team. No one will fear Cameron just on past merit. There was no defensive intensity. No good execution on offense, just now what you want after a tough loss. More of a breakdown a little later.

Kyle Singler, F6-181-34-7183401117
Nolan Smith, G5-112-34-5003000116
Jon Scheyer, G4-142-85-5336020015
Mason Plumlee, F1-30-02-212100104
Miles Plumlee, F1-10-00-024001312
Lance Thomas, F5-70-01-1481000311
Brian Zoubek, C4-50-03-4371013411
Andre Dawkins, G1-50-30-003010022
Ryan Kelly, F1-10-00-003011002
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