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Duke Football and the Coverage of Duke Football Has Made Me a Fan; Thanks!

By December 2, 2013No Comments

I’d be remiss if I didn’t give out some thanks to Jim from and also Mike from They are singularly responsible for me becoming a Duke football fan last year and this year for the first time. I’ve never been much of a college football fan, but it’s been a very cool transition into one starting last year and  becoming a full fledge fan this year. Duke is a very easy team to root for, not that I didn’t already have a foot in the door being a gi-normous basketball fan. I suppose it’s a natural progression but starting with updates and commentary from Jim’s twitter feed and Mike’s twitter feed it was very easy to become hooked and from there: tuning in to watch the games, to following the players, to following recruiting.

To see Duke reach the heights it has after some pretty dismal seasons is pretty amazing to be in the ACC Championship game from where the program was not too long ago is a story unto itself. Coach Cutcliffe has done a fantastic job and the most wonderful thing about him is his humility and readiness to not just talk about the talent level of his players but how they are hardworking, deserving kids. How can you not like that in your coach. How can you not respect a program that did it and is doing it the right way. So thanks to all that pushed me toward Duke football and those who provide the coverage that look to for my information.

All of you should be following


and for some stunning Duke visuals follow Chris

There are many more out there, I wasnt intending on making a big list but these guys are doing a damn good job.