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The Duke men’s basketball team competed in a closed scrimmage against Villanova on Saturday in Washington, D.C.

The Blue Devils and Wildcats, who have combined to win three of the last six national championships, played in periods of 20 and 10 minutes, respectively, before simulating late-game situations and allowing the reserves and walk-ons to scrimmage for six minutes.

“This was a great day for us to simulate an actual road trip,” said head coach Mike Krzyzewski. “We came in the night before, had a little bit of a scouting report on Villanova – they have a veteran team, and we knew a lot about their players. We were here for two and a half hours playing. Overall, I thought it was a great day for both teams. Jay Wright is a great friend and he has a big-time program. Both teams played so hard and it was a good day for us in our development.”

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