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Dukies In The NBA

Is There a Good Basketball Reason for Team USA to Pick Mason Plumlee Over DeMarcus Cousins?

By August 6, 2014No Comments

There have been many differing opinions on whether Mason Plumlee of the Brooklyn Nets is a better fit for the US National team than DeMarcus Cousins, after watching the abbreviated scrimmage I tend to think Mason wins out because he runs the floor while Cousins tends to take plays off and also the fact Mason does not take bad shots.

The team clearly has enough shooters and watching Cousins take jump-shots, even air-balling one in the scrimmage is troubling. While Cousins is the better player in the NBA right now, he may not be suited for USA Basketball, it’s less of a knock on Cousins than it is a stylistic difference. Here is a contrary opinion from the people at NumberFire.

Earlier this week, I wrote about DeMarcus Cousins and just how good making Team USA would be for his career. I don’t need to spend any more space explaining just how good Boogie is and has the chance to be…