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Javin DeLaurier Adds Firepower to Duke’s 2016 Class! Official Senior Mixtape! per @MakePlayz_com

By March 28, 201612 Comments


  • dslaw19says:

    i like Javin’s game. He is going to put up numbers at Duke over his tenure. Next season, you may see him quietly getting minutes and quietly putting up solid numbers.

  • I agree and I think he will also impact the game defensively. He can shore up some of the issues that Duke dealt with this year. Being a mobile big man on both ends is exactly what Duke needs.

  • dslaw19says:

    i absolutely agree. and dont let us get marques bolden. we are gonna be a force next year especially offensively, but with marques bolden, we could be a ridiculous force defensively too, in both the front and the backcourts.

    we truly have a chance to do something special next season. we are going to be as deep as ive ever seen them, and i hope that doesnt work against us. i want to see Obi with healthy knees develop and finish, i want to see vrankovic and robinson stick around and develop and play. just dont want to see anyone from this particular group get discouraged and want to leave.
    i do wonder if jack white will wind up redshirting it for a season though. what do you think?

  • I think it would be wise for White to redshirt but who knows, they may be thinking in terms of having someone to back up Tatum. Probably going to see how he does against the rest of the team once they get together. Hard to judge talent, especially foreign talent until you’ve gotten to see them in person against competition.

    Keeping the team together is going to be, and already is the story of the offseason, with rumors around Thornton transferring and if Allen will stay or enter the draft. Its going to be an interesting next few weeks.

  • dslaw19says:

    Im already…..worried i guess is a good word, about grayson declaring so im just preparing for it, rather than expecting him back. But now hearing of this rumor about derryck……wasnt expecting that. I can only imagine its being homesick. If there is any validity to it, i cant see it being about minutes drying up. In fact derryck is poised to be an extremely important piece to the puzzle next season. Frank is a beast. He has the potential in my eyes to be alot like j will, but with thornton you cant replace experience.

    I like the idea of a crowded team, backcourt and frontcourt, but thats just me. But none of them should really worry about clock. Especially derryck in my opinion, because he will play, alot. In other topics, im a tad bit worried about GT trying to poach capel. Its one thing to turn down a job all the way out west, its another to relocate to atlanta. Im really hoping he stays put.

  • Yeah we know K hates coaching against former players so hopefully the lure of replacing K will keep Capel in house.

  • dslaw19says:

    As a die hard blue devil, this was supposed to be an exciting offseason, just anticipating next season. Instead, now im all stressed. Next season is going to be great, but id be lying if i said i wasnt a bit shook. Im hoping for best case with grayson, derryck and capel staying put. And i definitely want bolden to join us badly.

    Sigh not cool brian, not cool lol.

  • Good news is it will all be over soon, I cant imagine any of this drags on for more than a couple of weeks. Including Capel, Bolden, Thornton and Grayson. Duke will be ok either way.

  • dslaw19says:

    Very true. And it wont. I know bolden said he will make a choice by his bday which i believe is the 17th. Its a shame i know this. Lol.

    But yes. You are right. Duke will definitely be fine either way. Worst case…..not the first time we have lost a coach, a recruit, someone transferred or declared early.

    But if it all comes together for us…..thatll be enough for me to book my new york trip for the champions classic. 🙂

  • awww yeah, I’m hoping to get out there this year.

  • dslaw19says:

    Kansas threatening to reload a little and so is Sparty. So both games should be bigtime. Decent chance all 4 programs will be preseason top 5.

  • flotsamjetsasays:

    hey like the blog & the article. I knew very little about Javin before this.
    I hope rumors about Thornton & (I heard about Jeter as well) are not true. I think there will be increased roles for both. Thornton goes without saying as I don’t see another PG there. But with Jeter I think playing around all this tall talent will improve his game as well. I think this year was eye opening for Jeter and probably a lot of freshman. at the lower level you are a star, but how do you really stack up.
    All that being said there still might be defections, I’m thinking a Vrankovich here. Obi is a real serious student and I understand he had knee problems this past year so I don’t see him going.

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