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Just a Quick Thank You

By February 6, 2015No Comments

One thing I have never claimed to be is a member of the media. I’m not. I’m not a press pass holder or one of the guys with the laminated badges and honestly I don’t really care to be. I’m not part of that clique, and haven’t really tried to be. I respect those people but it’s not something I aspire to or will ever be. I’m not especially educated, didn’t attend college – well I did for four weeks but that hardly counts. It definitely doesn’t qualify me for much else other than fandom. I’m just a fan. That’s cool with me.

I don’t have connections or contacts and anything you see, any relationships I’ve cultivated or anything gained or achieved it was purely from word of mouth, effort or just dumb luck. It’s a pretty cool ride to be honest. I’m pretty proud of the independence of this site. It’s not the prettiest, not the most informative but it’s mine and I dig that.
I was at a point this year where I thought I was done with it, I haven’t been truly engaged this year. With that lack of fire my effort has sort of waned and I am trying to fix that going forward. I have to thank Randy and Adam for really picking up my slack this year. I’m not sure how long I’ll have them for but a huge thanks to them both.
I’m getting my traction and footing back again and finding my adoration for Duke Basketball has been refreshed and renewed. Thanks to all of you that take the time to peep this little piece of internet real estate, I appreciate it more than you know. #goduke
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