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Low Student Attendance at Cameron? Does it Matter?

By January 27, 2012One Comment

Does it much matter if the student section at Cameron Indoor is full of students or ticket buyers? I’m not so sure. As long as the people that are filling those seats are ardent fans and the energy is up. I did not attend Duke, however, you will hard pressed to find anyone with as much fervor and enthusiasm for all things Duke basketball. Much has been made of the trend of Cameron not being filled with students but why not allow those who aren’t as privileged to be able to enjoy a game in that atmosphere, it’s not as if there are throes of opponents fans filling the stands. The key is  for the fans and students who are lucky enough to be a part of what happens  in Cameron Indoor Stadium to make the most of the opportunity and BE LOUD.

I wonder if more interaction with players and students would aid in getting more students out to games, I’ve heard stories of other schools having player/non-player pickup games. Things that bring them closer together seems like it can only aid in the process.

There is absolutely no excuse in the world for Cameron not to remain THE place to play, the place that opponents fear but also want to experience. I certainly know if the chance to see a game at Cameron comes a long be in the student section or not I will jump at the chance and I assure you I will paint my face, and jump up and down and all of the things I have enjoyed watching Duke as a fan and not as a student.

Thankfully there are a plethora of outlets to check for tickets I generally get my sports tickets here.  Duke fans, I assure you, will never allow Cameron not to be full, be it students, Iron Dukes, or just the fanatic that fell in love with the team as a young boy. I don’t think there is anything worth worrying about.

One Comment

  • Stu Lawler says:

    Speaking from the vantage point of a 58 year old non Duke grad I would die to see a game from the student section I don’t care if they were playing a community college.

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