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How likely am I to bet on my Duke Blue Devils? Not likely, certain games I would be more likely to bet on than others. Most home games are a given. Road games at Clemson normally I wouldn’t, UNC and North Carolina State and Florida State are not games I would take. Wake, Gtech, MD and Boston College are all games that I would bet on. The iffy game would be Virginia Tech, every other year or so they play Duke tough at the RBC.

Generally I tend to not follow or keep track of overs, unders and odds for games, but occasionally I do use it in how I view games. The Maryland game that Duke won by 13, they covered the 10.5 they were favored. Tracking trends is pretty useful. I try to keep some sort of online sportsbook like to keep track of all of the current games in all sports.


One Comment

  • elizabethsays:

    as badly as duke played miami, way below their skill level, AT CAMERON, i have a queezy feeling that someone(s) are throwing the games, esp. after Fla. State, St. Johns (which we all count as a virtual loss), and now the miami loss.

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