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New Issue of Dime with Kyrie on the Cover

By January 3, 20122 Comments


  • luke dsays:

    Fuck kyrie erving . He was one reason I wad glad there was a lockout. Punk ass couldn’t cut it in a Duke uniform, sit on the bench talking bout o my toe hurt.

  • Mohamedsays:

    Get rid of czars, dept of education, erngey, irs, (go flat tax) epa, usda, atf, and onumnuts. Watching these educated eleitist morons jack theiur jaws, shows why we are in a mess. Omoron isnt a leader, he is a lawyer, who sits and does nothing but golf and vacation. Cut Washington eleit flying time to just them, no wives, girlfriends, and The taxpayers are getting damn tired of paying for golfing and movie tickets. If they dont want to work send their rears packing with out their perks for life!

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