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Temple Sends the Devils Home with a Reality Check 78-73

By January 5, 2012No Comments

Nothing positive to really take out of this 78-73 loss at Temple. Not much good to say about getting out played, out hustled, and for the most part out witted.

I could spend time going over who scored how many, and percentages but really I’m not sure there is a point to it when as a whole the team did not show up on the defensive end whatsoever, and the offensive end Duke was it’s own worst enemy. Duke did discover that when points are needed it’s best to go inside, for the most part it’s common sense that 2’s are easier than 3’s, especially when you have a significant height advantage. Mason and Miles were able to get numbers with Mason scoring 16 and Miles scoring 17 but it was too little too late. Duke looked flat footed and slow as Temple drove right to the bucket time and time again. There was nothing magical about what the Owls did, Duke is just not a good defensive team. Temple exposed it with ease and never looked back.

Duke guards seemed to play careless, not valuing the ball and very few times did anyone run the floor to get back on defense. It was mentioned that Temple was able to grab the 50-50 balls more than Duke, unfortunately these 50-50 balls seem to occur because of sloppiness on the part of Duke guards.

It was clear from the coaches expressions on the bench that they not only did not recognize the team on the floor but that the very items stressed over the last few weeks went unheeded. How does the taller team get out-rebounded? A lack of desire, a lack of concentrated effort and unfortunately a lack of passion.

Duke did have a chance despite itself, but was never able to get over the hump in this one. As much as Ohio State hurt, this one probably stings worse because it was a game the Devils should have won and if they had played like a team prepared, a team ready to do battle, the outcome could have been different.