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  • BIZ says:

    Only two(2) games I realize, but another typical modern day Duke season is already shaping up. These Freshman can’t/won’t play man-to-man defense and the offensive show-offs want to rule the day! Barrett is all about himself – you can just see it as he watches the ball go into Cam’s or Zion’s hands…..he will be a problem for sure as the season wears on. Zion will be “the man” and deservedly so because he is always hustling – at both ends. Cam will be a shooter only – he strikes me as a guy who will give little effort on defense. And Tre is close behind Cam on D….plus he’s not the college shooter (too small) Cam is…..strictly a play-maker.

    Lack of defensive intensity will persist so K had better break out the ZONE when he goes up against teams with similar athleticism. Also, teams will try to push the ball up court fast to take further advantage of Duke’s defensive shortcomings. As such, K has to appoint a backcourt pressure guy to slow down this upcourt movement. Those two simple adjustments – playing more zone & backcourt pressure on the opposing team – will go a long way toward getting the Dukies into the FINAL FOUR.

    Lastly, who will be the team leader and form a cohesive unit? All the FROSH will be too busy creating highlight reels so who does that leave? Jack White seems a likely candidate but perhaps Tre Jones will do what his brother did in 2015.

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