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Terps Outshoot Devils 79-72

By March 4, 20105 Comments

Congrats to the Terps for taking it to the devils and withstanding the duke runs. Duke battled an emotional Terps team on senior night, and nearly pulled it off. I don’t think this will hurt Dukes chances at a 1 seed. This was a game that the Terps had to have and one Duke stayed in despite a hostile crowd and an emotional team.
The committee does take into consideration how you lose.

I’m not going to dissect this game too much it was a battle between two really good teams that came down to the last few possessions. No one for either team played poorly, Duke just didn’t hit the shots down the stretch and Terps rebounded when they needed to.

If Duke takes care of business at home against UNC then the regular season title will be theirs, whether they share it with MD or not isn’t the point. It will position Duke very well in the NCAAs.

Duke will have to once again work on getting those bench players going. Andre Dawkins hit a couple of threes but Duke really needs to get those points from the Plumlees. That is what is separating Duke from being great. 10-15 points coming from the brothers P.

The only hardware really up for grabs tonight is possibly the ACC Player of the Year. It’s still anyones game. I give the nod to Scheyer based on the year and the body of work, but it should be close.

More perspective later..


  • Nick says:

    How exactaly do you figure Scheyer has had a better year then Vasquez? Going into last nights game..
    Vasquez (19.5), Scheyer (18.8)
    Vasquez (4.8), Scheyer (3.4)
    Vasquez (6.4), Scheyer (5.4)

    Enough said

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree with Nick even though he’s an idiot

  • Anonymous says:

    I base it on a lot more than just he scored more, assist to turnover ratio? The fact that unlike Vasquez Scheyer got his numbers despite being on a team with two other really good scorers. MD had one main weapon…so of course he got numbers. Vasquez was invisible the first part of the year. Scheyer has been consistent the entire year. It all depends on what stats you think are most important. I’m sure Vasquez will get it so don’t get all preachy. I just think that this one game seems to be the determining factor, when MD got spanked by Duke in a major way at Cameron.

  • SwanSong says:

    Gotta say I don’t see Duke going far in the tournament this year. Maryland isn’t a very good team (as I’m sure you all know).

    And Scheyer is right on level with Vasquez. Vasquez is overrated, and he has a bad haircut haha.

    Just read this today and several others hating on Duke. What exactly do we need to do right to stop all the criticism?

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